About MedAssis


MedAssis was founded in 2011 and has since treated thousands of emergencies around the world: Once the first call arrives at the center a system of experts and international contacts is activated so that the patient receives the fastest and highest quality medical care, the bills are be paid by his insurance company and our medical teams will take off to bring the patient home safely.

MedAssis employs a professional and skilled team to provide a fast and attentive service: professional and humane case managers, experienced and creative travel agents, dozens of skilled paramedics and specialist doctors who are responsible for performing medical follow-ups and providing recommendations for necessary follow-up treatment.

All the medical staff have successfully completed training in aviation medicine in which they have received advanced tools for dealing with all types of medical emergencies and performing complex evacuations at the highest professional level in the world. 

We escort our patients, maintain close contact with them and their families and update them throughout the course of treatment. Our portfolio managers will be at your disposal day and night, monitoring the patient’s medical condition and keeping in touch with relevant hospitals and companies around the world. They will take care of all the patient’s needs, pay bills, send ambulances, translate medical information and send the best medical staff to bring the patient home. Our travel agents specialize in medical flights and their coordination around the world at all hours – day and night.

The wide database and a professional and extensive network of contacts allow us to take advantage of similar companies around the world, to give the best service, in any point on the globe.

Vision and Values


The best and most experienced doctors, the most advanced medical technologies in the world and medical equipment that meets strict international standards are life-saving factors long before the patient boarded the flight.

Availability and efficiency

We are prepared for action as quickly as possible anywhere in the world all year round and adapt ourselves if necessary also to the limitations and needs of the rescue missions at any point across the globe.


With experience gained in thousands of flights, we have learned to be prepared for unforeseen events, as well as to use other factors – all in order to ensure the success of the delegation in emergencies.


We make sure all treatments are admitted while maintaining the safety of the patient and the medical staff. Safety is a factor without which we will not succeed in the task.

Competitive prices

We are proud of our service and expertise and no less – of our fair and competitive prices.

Experience and flexibility

Experience and flexibility allow us to operate well in conditions of uncertainty, in the worlds in which we live.

Private equipment

The use of the company’s private equipment allows for a reduction in the costs without any compromise on extremely high standards of service.


First and foremost we are human beings, and we know that if you have come to us, it is probably not a simple situation. Our staff will accompany you with sensitivity and thoughtfulness throughout.

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