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We advise you to call our hotline in the following situations:

Flying a coffin repatriation of human remains

We provide funeral services between continents and the option of flying the deceased

Accompaniment escort by professional doctors on the flight

When the medical case is suitable for flying on a commercial flight, we will offer relative privacy from the flight passengers and will provide tailored medical accompaniment

Flight in an Ambulance Aircraft Plane

In urgent cases and emergency situations requiring special or urgent evacuation

Medical advice or supervision during hospitalization follow-up in hospital

We provide remote medical consultation through doctors who speak Hebrew and other languages ​​24 hours a day

Help with payments and medical costs

We will assist in containing the costs of medical treatment in the various hospitals in the countries of the world and the costs associated with medical treatment and consultation abroad

Medical assistance for tourists in Israel

We will provide basic and advanced medical services to tourists who are in Israel and are insured by foreign insurance companies

הצוות הרפואי שילווה אתכם

הצוות הרפואי שלנו נבחר בקפידה מבתי החולים בארץ ומומחה בעבודה שוטפת במצבי חירום

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