Management and medical team

Acting CEO

Retired Head of the Operations Division in the Prime Minister's Office. Has rich experience in managing complex operations under pressure and under uncertainty conditions. Has a master's degree from Reichman University and senior managers' training of the Wexner Foundation at Harvard University.

Deputy CEO

Licensed travel agent since 2005 and has expertise in performing medical flights on commercial flights. Moshe has over 10 years of experience in organizing and performing complex medical flights, including performing flights on a stretcher for respiratory patients, oxygen and electricity coordination, private jets and more.

Medical Director

A physician specializing in surgery, trauma and intensive care. Director of the Intensive Care Unit at Assuta Hospital in Ashdod, and lecturer at the Ben-Gurion University School of Medicine. Dr. Mayo has been practicing aviation medicine in the Israeli Air Force for 25 years and serves as a surgeon and intensive care professional for special missions in the Air Force's airborne Rescue and Evacuation Unit. Dr. Mayo has over 25 years of experience in intensive care, trauma and surgery and provides medical advice for flying patients around the world.


Bachelor's degree in Health Systems Management and Master's degree in Business Administration. Tal has 20 years of managerial experience in the field of medical assistance around the world, and a rich background in managing complex services.


CPA and a master's degree in business administration. Has extensive experience in the field of taxation, financial management and public companies.


Bachelor's degree in Emergency Medicine and Master's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Pharma Management. Liran is a lieutenant colonel in the reserve with 25 years of service in the medical corps. In his last position, he served as the commander of MRPA North and has extensive experience in operating complex medical systems.