Medical flights

MedAssis provides you with expertise, knowledge, and years of successful experience in performing complex flying missions under conditions of stress and uncertainty.
MedAssis has professional and dedicated medical and operational teams, who will take care of ensuring the health and well-being of your loved ones in transfers around the world, from anywhere and everywhere.

Medical flight is the most effective way to transfer patients or injured to a medical institution for further treatment. Among the users of the medical flight services you can find patients who have had a stroke, heart attack, cancer patients, heart patients, patients who have undergone or are about to undergo an organ transplant process, preterm infants, respiratory patients, various wounded and more.

The team of experts includes physicians trained in medical flights and with the required specialization according to the case of injury or illness, licensed nurses, certified paramedics, experienced pilots, maintenance and logistics personnel, travel agents specializing in medical flights and administrative personnel working to issue the required flight permits.

We are active 24/7 and provide a personal human response and professional care from end to end, until reaching the destination.

MedAssis has completed thousands of successful missions and has quickly become the preferred provider for insurance companies and health institutions when it comes to air assistance and transporting patients to safety.

Medical Commercial Flight

When the case is appropriate, we will offer medical flying on a commercial flight, with tailored medical accompaniment of course. Specialist doctors, paramedics and nurses who have undergone special training for in-flight medical care. The team is equipped with the best state-of-the-art medical equipment for monitoring and treating a patient during a medical flight. The flight will be performed sitting or lying on a stretcher, while maintaining the patient’s privacy, depending on the case and need.

Flight care includes obtaining the necessary administrative clearances to allow the ambulance to arrive without delay to the aircraft door, and providing all the necessary medical equipment from a stretcher or wheelchair, to infusion, oxygen, monitoring devices, syringes and everything needed for treatment.

Air ambulance

Sometimes medical flying on a commercial flight is not possible due to urgency, location, method of evacuation required or the nature of the injury / illness. In these cases we have at our disposal a private aircraft fleet and a dedicated and experienced dedicated air crew, trained for special missions. The state-of-the-art executive jets are equipped with advanced medical equipment for monitoring the patient.

The medical staff will provide initial treatment, coordinate the transfer or evacuation process and ensure the patient’s safety from boarding the air ambulance to the final treatment destination.

Flight care includes handling the necessary administrative approvals to allow the ambulance to arrive without delay to the aircraft door, as well as providing all required medical equipment from a stretcher or wheelchair, to infusion, oxygen, tracking and monitoring devices, syringes and any other equipment required.

Medical flights of preterm infants and newborns

One of our areas of expertise is transferring newborns and preterm infants to a tertiary medical institution. These delicate and precious patients are flown under the supervision of our neonatal, pediatric and intensive care specialists.

In order to make these sensitive transfers, we have at our disposal the most advanced equipment: incubators, neonatal intensive care equipment and respirators.
The baby will receive ongoing and loving care and attention throughout the entire journey.

Covid flights

MedAssis is the only company in Israel today that can fly active Covid patients. The flight is performed in a full reclining position, using a special Covid stretcher installed in the plane and prevents the patient from infecting those around them. The stretcher is operated by medical staff (intensive care physician, paramedic and nurse) who are in charge of the patient’s medical care, maintaining their privacy, health and all their needs, and logistically operating the entry and exit of the stretcher to the plane.

Flying this way is also suitable for critically ill patients, who do not receive optimal care at the destination where they are hospitalized, both for respiratory patients and for mild patients who are interested in completing the recovery process in Israel.

Medical Assistance Services

Medical assistance services are all the little yet important points that complete the medical care. Our experts will assist, when needed, in locating the appropriate medical institution at the destination as our medical staff monitors the patient’s medical condition in the hospital, provide recommendations and medical insights over the phone to the medical staff at the destination and ensure simple and clear communication with the patient and the family.



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