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Founded in 2011, Medassis is Israel’s premier medical flight provider, serving the nation’s leading HMOs and top insurance companies, both domestically and internationally. Medassis has successfully handled thousands of medical cases and repatriation flights saving lives worldwide.

Our team consists of mission-oriented, dedicated case managers, experienced travel agents, and medical professionals. These team members possess expertise, training, and accreditation in aviation medicine, having completed specialized courses within the aviation industry. This preparation enables them to effectively manage medical emergencies both on the ground and in the air, as well as conduct complex evacuations under time-sensitive conditions.

Medassis is ISO 9001 and ISO 27000 certified, ensuring high-quality service and continuous improvement to meet customer and global standards, as confirmed by the Israeli Standards Institute.

At Medassis, patient care is paramount. We ensure continuous communication with patients and their families throughout the transfer process. Our case managers, available 24/7, oversee patient conditions and care, orchestrate hospital transfers, and handle everything from financial logistics to ambulance dispatch. Medassis is committed to offering not only safe and efficient transportation but also unbeatably competitive prices, all while ensuring the highest standards of quality are maintained.

Our administrative and operational hub is strategically situated at Ben Gurion Airport, ready to respond to global needs.

At Medassis, quality control processes are an intrinsic part of our routine. Following each flight, we conduct an exhaustive debriefing based on military models. This rigorous approach reflects our fundamental values of continuous improvement and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our commitment


Our elite doctors and state-of-the-art medical equipment meet the highest international standards.

Availability & Efficiency

Ready to swiftly respond globally 24/7, we adapt to the unique demands and constraints of rescue missions around the globe.


Through thousands of medical flight repatriations we have honed our ability to anticipate and deal with the unexpected ensuring successful outcomes in emergencies.


Ensuring the well-being of patients and medical teams is our top priority and integrated into planning each and every mission.

Competitive Pricing

We take pride in our exceptional service and expertise, matched by our commitment to fair and competitive pricing.

Experience & Flexibility

Our expertise and adaptability enable us to navigate uncertainty effectively in today’s ever-changing world.

Medical Equipment

We own and maintain our medical equipment which enables us to cut medical costs and uphold top service standards.


Our primary focus is our patients and their loved ones . Understanding the challenges you face, our team offers unwavering support, sensitivity, and care throughout your journey with us.

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