Neonatal Air Medical Transport- The Specialized Journey of Transporting Preterm Infants and Neonates

In the journey of life, some of us take our first flight earlier than others. For preterm infants and neonates requiring immediate specialized medical attention, air transport becomes an essential bridge to life-saving care. From the moment we receive a call, our mission is to safely pick up the newborn from the hospital and deliver them to the specialized care they require at another hospital, ensuring a seamless transition in their critical early days.

Transporting these delicate infants requires a seamless blend of precision, compassion, and medical expertise. Our dedicated neonatal air transport teams undergo specialized training to ensure a stable and warm environment for the babies.

Coordination starts well before takeoff. From the initial call for transport, our logistics team engages in a meticulous dance of coordination with hospitals, medical teams, and families. This ensures that every detail is meticulously planned, from picking up the newborn at their current hospital to ensuring their safe arrival and seamless integration into the receiving hospital’s care.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that from hospital pickup to hospital delivery, every newborn in our care is given the best possible start to life’s journey, regardless of how early they’ve begun it.

At Medassis, quality control processes are an intrinsic part of our routine. Following each flight, we conduct an exhaustive debriefing based on military models. This rigorous approach reflects our fundamental values of continuous improvement and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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