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MedAssis is much more than a medical flights company: it is the leading and largest medical aid company in Israel. The first hours after an injury or illness are critical to treatment success and a quick return to one’s routine, so we employ the best emergency medical teams in the world and use the most innovative medical equipment to begin life-saving treatment long before the plane lands and the patient arrives at the hospital.

We provide medical assistance services in Israel and around the world, advanced telemedicine services, arrange unique medical services in Israel and around the world, perform simple and complex medical flights, patients in need of Artificial respiration or insulation, and regulate all technical issues including entry visas to foreign countries, purchase of airline tickets, Entrance to air complexes and more.

No less than we are proud of the quality of our medicine and the excellent service, we insist on competitive and fair prices, so that you can give your loved ones the best life-saving treatment.

Vision and Values



The quality of medical care provided especially in the first hours after an emergency event is critical and has a decisive impact later on. MedAssis is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of medical care and service.

Availability and efficiency

In times of crisis we need an answer available at all times. We do not have weekends, holidays, breaks, or “please leave a message”. Every second counts and we are here for you, a skilled and dedicated human team, 24/7 all the time, all year round.


Our teams are always ready for an emergency. The equipment is always packed, the planes are a phone call away. An array of ambulances, doctors and contacts all over the world is available for any emergency.


Our Services

MedAssis Nurse

Medical escort on commercial flights

Medical escort on commercial flights, when medically possible, is an excellent and cost-effective solution. The flight conditions – sitting, lying down or on a stretcher are are decided by our experienced doctors.

MedAssis Helicopter

Air ambulance

An air ambulance is a dedicated aircraft equipped with the latest medical equipment and operated by a skilled and experienced crew. We operate it in cases where immediate emergency care is required and time is a critical component to the success of the treatment. An air ambulance allows a quick and quality response to various challenges such as the patient’s reactions to medications and gases at different altitudes of flight.

MedAssis Tele center assistant

Medical Assistance Services

Medical assistance services are all the professional services at every point in the patient’s journey – from the sending institution to the receiving institution. In case of emergency, we provide telephone guidance, medical advice and insights to local staff depending on the country in which the patient is located and the relevant medical risks in it.

Among our clients

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Airborne Medical Crew​

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From the moment we set off
We take care of every aspect of the mission, until it is completed with optimal results. No place that is too far away, No challenge to comlex.

Emergency situations are our routine, and we will take care of yours in the best way possible


No place is too far

Kathmandu, Phuket, Georgia, Sydney, Tokyo and Israel

Our skilled staff rescued hikers, provided life-saving care and accompanied the sick and injured all over the globe, all the way to safety.