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Medical Transport On Commercial Flights

When a patient's condition is suitable, we arrange medical flights on commercial planes, complete with essential medical personnel and equipment.

Air Ambulance Service

For emergencies needing rapid evacuation, or in locations inaccessible by commercial flights, we provide air ambulance services.

Remote Physician Consultations

We provide remote consultations with physicians in Hebrew, English, and other languages, available 24/7.

Assistance With Medical Expenses

We help control costs associated with medical treatments in hospitals worldwide and with physician consultations.

Medical assistance for tourists in Israel

We offer both primary and specialized medical care to tourists in Israel covered by international insurance companies.

International Coffin Transport

We provide body repatriation services for the deceased to and from Israel.

הצוות הרפואי שילווה אתכם

הצוות הרפואי שלנו נבחר בקפידה מבתי החולים בארץ ומומחה בעבודה שוטפת במצבי חירום

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